Fresh City Farms is a Canada-based web platform, which gathers produce from organic farms across Canada. It enables people to easily sustain a healthy diet by providing fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. The company focuses on bringing the best makers to a wider audience, helping families construct healthy seasonal meals. From packing in reusable tote backs, to electric delivery bikes, to sourcing produce from local farms, the company serves its customers while also keeping an eye out our planet.


When optimizing an existing platform for mobile, there is always the dilemma of showing more while sacrificing readability against showing less but in all its glory. In the case of e-commerce platforms this complexity rises because of many details associated with each product. In the case of Fresh City Farms there was the addition of varying types of products such as recipes, subscription bags and single product bottles that require a deposit.


Drawing from our native experience we strived to bring the new mobile website of Fresh City Farms as close as possible to what users are accustomed to in applications. We worked closely with the client’s development team to see what part of our vision was complacent with the current system and if wasn’t how we can adapt to serve the needs of the users.
Our team managed to preserve almost all of the product information while also crafting a great native-like experience. The new mobile website of Fresh City Farms was released in 2015 and has enabled users to purchase high quality local produce right from their smartphones.