01. Spoilee

Spoilee is the place to find and book beauty and wellness experiences online. Find your next massage salon, discover a trendy new hairdressers or a great nail salon. Discover beauty salons and services in your area.

02. Waste No Time

Spoilee’s platform is one of the most complex we’ve ever created. The biggest challenge we faced was making this intricate system work seamlessly for both administrators and end users. To solve this, we knew we had to have two distinct applications – one for the end customers and one for the beauty salon administrators.

Building products of any kind requires knowing the specifics of the target customer base.Spoilee’s primary market is the Middle East and as such it has to adhere to local norms and social standards. We worked closely with the Spoilee founders to ensure that we understand local culture and how we can best adapt to serve the users.

03. Easy Appointments

Having learned about Arabic script, Arabic calendar and other cultural details, we hurried to create a prototype that would validate the founders’ vision. Our focus was demonstrating the overall look and feel of the application, several months before completion of the project. The experience was agreed upon and we moved to the development phase, in which, as always, we kept the client closely updated on progress.

The result is a user-friendly platform accompanied by a set of iOS applications that make life much easier when it comes to booking and managing appointments. We crafted the apps in a way, in which they can provide both administrators and end users with an

04. Saudi Arabia’s Finest

This initial phase of the project was completed in 2015, but it was only the beginning of an ongoing partnership between Touch Awesome and Spoilee that continues to this day. With the apps Saudi women are able to quickly find and book the best appointments for beauty and spa services. In addition, the system has proved indispensable to Salon managers and owners who can easily manage their business operations through their smartphone. As a result Spoilee is among the most used applications for Beauty and Spa services in Saudi Arabia.