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Providing iOS developer for a leading pharmaceutical company's agency.


Client who’s short on developers almost misses a Fortune 500 project, Touch Awesome comes to help and provides the right person

Even though our client is a successful digital agency, they did not have an iOS developer available at the time when the medical giant’s inquiry came up. This is where we came in - we were approached to provide an iOS developer, who could join their team remotely and help build the application from the ground up.\u2028A classic case of expanding your team to meet a deadline. The team can then be easily disbanded without any repercussions or severance.

Not enough developers to take on a Fortune 500 project

Our client almost missed a big project because they didn’t have available development resource at the time. Touch Awesome saved the day. Or at least the project..

We provided them with a developer within a week

With our internal process ticking, we are capable of going from an inquiry to a full-time developer in the team in 4 days. That includes the interview process.

Part of the team, part of the culture

Our developers can easily be integrated in your workflow and product teams. That’s what they’ve been prepared for.

Together they’ve completed the project on time

The application we were contacted for, was conceived to help patients set reminders, maintain a log of symptoms notes throughout the treatment, and have easily accessible contacts of medical personnel. Despite the hurdles and risks, the application was completed according to speccs and on time.

Now, the product helps patients to record when they have purchased a package, what their dosage is and receive a notification if they are running low on the medicine.

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